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The World’s Authority in Business Sales

Are you looking to buy or sell an existing business in the Charlotte North Carolina and Surrounding Area area? Then you have come to the right place!

Established in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown to become one of the largest organizations in the U.S. specializing in business sales. Having listed and managed the sale of over $7.5 billion in businesses for sale, Buyers and Sellers alike can enjoy the accessibility and expertise of a national network of professional business brokers and the largest inventory of businesses available for sale.

We have the experience , knowledge , and dedication you’re looking for when it comes to professional representation. Our knowledgeable professionals bring value to every transaction creating a near seamless transition of ownership between buyer and seller.

Sellers - If your goal is to sell an existing business in the North Carolina / South Carolina Piedmont and Foothills area then First Choice Business Brokers is the only choice for you. We will be with you every step of the way, from guidance  in preparing your business for sale, to  expert market valuation of your business using proven methods to a smooth transition of ownership to a buyer.  

As experienced business brokers, we know you've worked hard to achieve success. That's why you deserve experienced professionals who specialize in business sale s – you need First Choice Business Brokers. We are large enough to offer Buyers the greatest selection of available businesses for sale, yet small enough to give Sellers individual attention.

Buyers - If you are seeking to purchase an existing business, we will walk you through the entire buying process and be with you every step of the way. From searching for the perfect business to a smooth transition of ownership from the seller to you, we go the extra mile for our clients which has earned us the much deserved reputation of unsurpassed service and professionalism with a personal touch. And with the largest national list of exclusive businesses for sale, we are confident we can help you find the business you're looking for.

All First Choice Business Brokers have completed extensive training through FCU (First Choice University) and attend on-going continuing education making our Business Broker Professionals among the most highly trained experts in the field of business evaluation, business sales, business marketing and buy/sell negotiations to satisfy both buyers and sellers alike. This is just one reason why we are 'The World’s Authority in Business Sales'.

6 Items for the To-Do List before Selling Your Business in Charlotte

1. Find a Good Business Broker

A business broker helps you to navigate the complexities of selling your business. When you choose a brokerage, look for their experience selling companies similar to yours. They should understand your industry and have a network of potential buyers.

2. Review All Documentation

Complete a business audit that reviews finances, contracts, and licenses required in Charlotte. Before you sell your business, having all documentation in order is essential. A comprehensive audit will provide verifiable metrics, attract a qualified buyer, and help you get the best possible price for your business.

3. Determine Your Business Value

A comprehensive valuation considers the business's financial stability, the market value of similar companies in Charlotte, and the potential for future growth. By considering all of these factors, you can get a realistic estimate of your business's worth.

4. Develop a Profile for Your Optimal Buyer

Profile your optimal buyer who would be a good fit for the company. Include your expectations of their financial situation and the qualifications they need to run your business. Developing the optimal buyer profile will help you choose amongst buyers who show interest, so you are confident you have found the right buyer. 

5. Consider Tax Issues

There are many different tax implications to take into account, including capital gains taxes, income taxes, and estate taxes. The goal is to minimize taxation liabilities. Consult a tax advisor to help you understand taxation in Charlotte.

6. Review Agreements, Licenses & Contracts

As you prepare to sell, review all agreements, licenses, and contracts to ensure they are up to date to avoid potential legal issues. Consult an attorney or business advisor for assistance if you are unsure where to begin.

6 Common Mistakes Made When Selling Your Business

1. Ignoring Confidentiality

Employees, customers, or suppliers may become disillusioned, impacting the valuation. Confidentiality during the sale of your business will ensure stability during the process. A good business broker will draft a nondisclosure agreement the buyer signs before releasing identifying information.  

2. Pricing Too Low

Pricing the business too low is a common mistake made by those looking to sell their business. When pricing your business, be sure to account for all potential buyers. A low price may indicate something wrong, turn qualified buyers away, or attract a poorly matched buyer. 

3. Being Impatient

Many expect to sell their business quickly. There is a process required that takes time. Be prepared to spend time preparing for the sale, finding the right buyer, completing due diligence, and completing legal transactions. Selling a business in Charlotte can take several months, so patience is vital through each stage. 

4. Not Having an Expert Transition Team

An expert transition team will avoid common pitfalls of a business sale. A poorly informed team can often lead to several problems, including a low valuation for your business and a lack of networks to find suitable buyers. Qualified buyers look for objective audits completed by a third party, a business broker, a professional lawyer, a banker, accountants, real estate, and insurance brokers. 

5. A Limited Pool of Buyers

Options are limited when a seller does not have a large enough pool of potential buyers. A competitive market improves the seller's opportunity to achieve the correct value and a well-matched buyer who will succeed at running the business. 

6. The seller is Doing too Much, Neglecting Business Operations. 

It is crucial to keep operations running smoothly throughout the sale process. Spreading yourself too thin can be costly, as interested buyers closely scrutinize day-to-day operations looking for reasons to lower the valuation. 

Selling Your Business - FAQs

1. How to value a small business?

When valuing a Charlotte small business, there are vital factors to consider:

The value of tangible assets, including inventory, equipment, and real estate.
Intangible assets' value includes intellectual property, customer relationships, and brand recognition.
The value of its earnings potential.

The buyer will consider the historical financial performance and profit margins, current market conditions, and the company's growth prospects.

2. How do I sell my business without anyone finding out?

Your First Choice Business Broker will draft a Non Disclosure Agreement signed by a potential buyer before they receive any identifying information. Choose a full-service office that hosts phone calls and meetings about the sale to ensure confidentiality. Your advisor will determine the best way to market your business without disclosing its identity. Remember, it is vital to keep the sale of your business confidential and maintain the stability of; management, employees, customers, and suppliers. Any of these parties could react to the news and destabilize day-to-day operations. Breach of confidentiality has the potential to derail a good sale. 

3. What is a realistic timeline for selling my business?

A realistic timeline to sell a business depends on many factors, including the size and complexity of the company, the current economic conditions, and the availability of buyers. Generally speaking, companies can take anywhere from several months to several years to sell. However, if you want to sell your business quickly, you may need to accept a lower price or less-than-ideal terms of sale. 

4. Do I have to tell my employees about selling the business?

There is no legal requirement to tell employees about selling a business. Choosing the right time is best to avoid disruptions during the sale process. 

5. How do I make my business attractive in the eyes of a buyer?

Ensure that your financials are in order and that you have a good track record of profitability. Buyers will also seek a well-run operation with a solid management team. 
Second, create a detailed business plan outlining your growth strategy and how the buyer would fit into that strategy. 
Consult with a trusted business advisor in Charlotte who can help you navigate the process and maximize value.

6. What are some common pitfalls to avoid while selling my business?

An unrealistic idea about the valuation.
Underestimates the costs of selling.
Being unprepared to negotiate. Negotiation is the key to selling your business with satisfying financial results and excellent terms.

If you have a business you would like to sell or are ready to buy a business, we would be proud to be your “ First Choice ” for buyer or seller representation in the North Carolina / South Carolina Piedmont and Foothills area.

Contact First Choice Business Brokers to find out more and to discuss your goals today!